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Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off! There is a multitude of flying airplane games on the market these days but most are just that, games. If you want to take your flying skills to the next level, you won’t do any better than dropping onto Pro Flight Simulator for the most comprehensive and challenging flight simulation programs currently available. And the already impressive list of aircraft for you to fly just keeps growing with new flying beauties added every month!

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Starting with the Wright Flyer of 1903, Pro Flight Simulator covers the whole range of aircraft imaginable up to the most modern military jets and helicopters. These are more than just flying airplane games, these are the real deal but all done from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Widest Range of Aircraft

Flying Airplane GamesWhatever your particular fancy, Pro Flight Simulator has it covered and will provide you with the most realistic flight experience you could hope for. With over 120 types of aircraft already in the hangar, and more continually being added, Pro Flight Simulator has probably the widest range of older as well as the most modern aircraft available for flight simulators.

  • Airplanes. Not content with just the most popular aircraft, Pro Flight Simulator has some very interesting and unusual flying machines in their vast hangar. If you should want a change from flying Boeing 747’s into San Francisco, you can step back in time and take the controls of a B-29 Flying Fortress or experience what it’s like to take off and land a supersonic Concorde. Single-seater and smaller aircraft are also waiting on the runway as various Cessna models and even a Fieseler Storch await your arrival.
  • Helicopters. If a chopper is your bird of choice, you are spoiled for choice at Pro Flight Simulator. The Chinook, Jetranger and Westland Lynx as well as a selection of Sikorsky’s are all waiting at your disposal as well as gyrocopters and all come with true-to-life controls and instrumentation panels.
  • Strange Birds. From the sublime to the ridiculous, if it flies you will probably find it at Pro Flight Simulator. You can fly a home-made glider out of Colditz, pilot a Zeppelin across the African Sahara or take Santa’s sleigh out for a spin anytime you like. But why stop there? Why not have a look at Planet Earth from your own UFO without leaving your comfortable living-room or take a paraglider flight over the Grand Canyon?

Reality Check

There are flight simulators and then there is Pro Flight Simulator. This is the nearest you will ever come to taking control of a flying craft without leaving the ground.

  • Cockpit controls are an exact replica of those found on the actual craft
  • Instrument readings are precise, as is the approach lighting for airports
  • Flight dynamics for each craft is replicated precisely for every weather situation
  • System or instrument failures are accurately mimicked for training purposes
  • Night-flying uses ground lights from urban areas, highways etc based on real data

Not only is everything within the cockpit an exact replica of that found on the real aircraft but Pro Flight Simulator also have exact layout details for over 20,000 real airports throughout the world. Couple this with extremely accurate graphics for scenery and terrain based on U.S. Defense mapping and you have more than just flying airplane games with Pro Flight Simulator, you have a genuine flying experience!

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