World War 2 Airplane Games

When it comes to computer-based airplane games, there is no denying the huge popularity of World War 2 aircraft. No matter which side they fought on, the iconic planes such as Messerschmitts, Spitfires and Migs are amongst the most popular craft chosen by enthusiasts of World War 2 airplane games.

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One of the best websites for flight simulation and airplane games is the newly-launched Pro Flight Simulator and amongst their extensive catalog of simulation packages are more than a few classic World War 2 fighting aircraft.

Pick Your Side

Whether you chose to use your flying skills on the side of the Allies or the Axis forces, the choice of planes is vast and you will be sure to find something to interest you and challenge your flying abilities under fire.

On Pro Flight Simulator there are over 120 different types of airplanes and aircraft to select from and dozens from the World War 2 era. From both sides of the conflict and from small to huge, all airplane cockpits and controls are faithful reproductions of the actual aircraft selected.

So whether you are sitting at the controls of a German Messerschmitt or an English Spitfire, you are seeing and experiencing what the pilots of the day saw and felt.

Just some of the aircraft available include:

  • B-29 Superfortress

  • de Havilland Mosquito

  • Fieseler Storch

  • Dornier Do 335

  • Focke-Wulf

  • H4 Hercules

  • Junkers Ju 52

  • Messerschmitt

  • Mig 15

  • Spitfire

And this is by no means a comprehensive list. Whatever your fancy, the chances are good that you will find your chosen aircraft at Pro Flight Simulator and, if you are up for the challenge, you can always try flying a home-built glider out of Colditz prison.


One of the great strengths of Pro Flight Simulator is the realism the programs deliver. The control panels and flight instrumentation is an exact replica of the original and correct down to the smallest detail. Coupled with a 3D view of each cockpit, the feeling of actually flying an aircraft is unbelievably realistic and only a more comfortable seat than was used during the war gives the game away.

Steering controls, flaps and firing buttons all respond as they did in the original planes and the instrumentation panels react as they should to speed and air changes. Using a Pro Flight Simulator program is more than just playing World War 2 airplane games, it is a flying experience and the nearest to being in war-torn skies as you will get but without the risk of being shot down in flames.

And to add further realism to your flying experience, Pro Flight Simulator use only the sharpest and most realistic graphics for the terrain beneath your craft. The landscape depicted below is based on U.S. Defence mapping and is accurate down to the last detail as well as being stunningly lifelike. Of course, you may have your mind on other matters as you dog-fight to the death over the French countryside but rest assured that if your craft is downed, you will land in the right area of the right country.


One feature of Pro Flight Simulator that bears mentioning is the fact that the list of aircraft simulation programs available expands monthly and you get to select from the full updated list at no extra charge. Other flight simulation companies impose surcharges for the latest additions but not Pro Flight Simulator which is an excellent deal for fans of World War 2 airplane games or, indeed, flying in general.

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